Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Food For Thought...

I just finished a book by Jo Nesbo, a Norweigan who is one of my favorite crime writers.  In it a consulting psychologist explains narcissism to detective Harry Hole, the central character in this series, as follows:  “Freud introduced the concept of a narcissist to psychology, a person with an exaggerated sense of uniqueness, obsessed by the dream of boundless success.  For the narcissist,  the need for revenge against those who have affronted him or her is often greater than all other needs.  It is called ‘narcissists’s rage’.

The American psychoanalyst Heinz Kohut has described how such a person would seek to avenge the affront - which may seem a mere bagatelle to us - with whatever means they have at their disposal...what might seem seem like a standard rejection might result with the narcissit working tirelessly, with a compulsive determination, to redress the balance, causing death if necessary.”  I checked the date of the book - 2002 - so it shouldn’t  be construed as a political commentary on anything that is happening in the world at present.  But it does give me pause to reflect…..hmmm….

– Ray De Lagrave


  1. Do you think that narcissism is more likely to arise as empathy diminishes?